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Are you looking for the best casino-resort?

With the rapid growth of gambling across the globe, there are more luxury casinos popping up and still continuing to manifest in some of the most luxurious casinos in the world.

Pretty sure that you’ll jump immediately to a conclusion which Las Vegas might be the first country to think where you can find the best casinos. Well, it isn’t the only place to search. Asia is one of the most popular destinations for impressive casinos and the economies consistently improve as well as the gambling industry too.

Asia has always been popular in Asia. The biggest and the best casinos in the world mostly can be found in Asia. It also stands to reason considering Asia is the largest continent in the world with greatest diversity in culture. No wonder why there are a lot of people from different countries visiting Asia and considering a true home.

Beautiful countries like the Philippines and Macau are rivaling with Las Vegas, and all are offering staggering casino-resort experiences where guests can enjoy the luxurious life and great gambling experiences. The casinos give the opportunities to gamblers to play and win bigger prizes or to hit the one-million-dollar jackpot. Other than that, they offer a glamorous hotel where guests can also stay and enjoy the luxurious amenities and a safe place to stay.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a selection of the best casinos in Asia where you can enjoy your vacation as well as to discover more casinos and its best offers. Here are some of the best casinos to find in Asia:


It is also known as gambling heaven in China.

If you are a casino enthusiast, then you should already know about the casinos in Macau. This is considered as the gambling capital of Asia, and of the most popular casinos in the world. There is a long ongoing argument up to this day whether Macau has surpassed Las Vegas itself. When it comes to hugeness and profits, the Chinese autonomous territory has owned it.

If you have a chance to visit Macau, you’ll find a stunning casino that offers great services and gambling experiences, and a worldwide renowned casino you’ll ever find. It is hard to believe that a single casino is representative of the whole island. The Parisian Macau, The Venetian, Grand Lisboa, MGM and few to mention, Macau boasts numerous largest casinos you’ll find in your entire life – there are the smallest too yet thriving casinos. Same as Las Vegas, the place is the best experience in its integrity.

Nowadays, increased competition from the other casino-resorts has led to talk for years now. At the end of the day, Macau remained still the top gambling destination in Asia. Nevertheless, there are other casinos which are trying to bring down the best casinos of Asia from their title.


It is considered as the Gambling Gems in the Tropical Paradise.

In comparison with Macau, Singapore does not boast many casinos but they’re more into quality over quantity. It may be surprising that this country has only two casinos compared to other casinos in Asia.

If you are looking for a place to visit a high-class casino vacation, then consider one of the leading casino-resorts in Singapore. The gambling in Singapore is not prohibited where gamblers from around the world would love to visit Casinos in the country. However, there are strange gambling laws at some places so you better be prepared to produce a valid identification if you get a chance to visit the casinos in Singapore.

One of the best well-known casinos in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sand that has worth over 5.5 billion USD for a hotel resort. There are 1,600 slot machines and 500 table games offered to its guests where they can fully enjoy the casino. This casino was opened in 2010 and held the title of the most expensive casino property. The hotel has 55 floors of rooms, a mall, theaters, high-class restaurants and many more. A little trivia here is that the whole property is operated by the Las Vegas Sands corporations, so expect the best entertainment to offer.

This is one of the best casinos in Asia you’ll ever visit.

South Korea

It is known as the Getaway of every foreigner.

If you are planning to visit South Korea, you may be upset to know that the gambling is strictly banned for Korean citizens. Would that be possible?  This country is one of the few countries that differentiates between the local and foreign when it comes to this prohibition.

One thing for sure that Asia has another great casino hotspot where you can find in South Korea. There are a lot of casino hubs in the country but only for use of foreign nationals. One of the staggering casinos is the Paradise Casino Walker Hill located in Seoul which is the largest casino in Korea with great facilities and gift events. This is to show its appreciation to its guests, this casino overlooks the Han River which has been continually the most popular tourists since the 1960s.

Don’t expect anything grand about the Paradise Walker Hill Casino, it is a small casino yet still boasts a wide range of selection of gaming tables like Black Jack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and Tai-Sai. Expecting that there might be great changes in the near future, the size will remain extremely small but still eSports and other forms of sports gambling seems to hold importance in the high-tech country of South Korea.

If Seoul City is not for you, Jeju Island is a haven of peace and calm where visitors both local and international can soak in their very natural surroundings. Also, Kangwon Casino is the only casino where Korean citizens are allowed to use it. This is located a short distance outside Seoul City. This might be an advantage by many.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The most intriguing part is that the Casinos in Malaysia are hidden in the mountains, a very attractive location to gamble where its guests can totally enjoy this place. Genting Highlands is located outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is only the legal land-based casinos in the country. This casino is part of a hilltop complex in which guests can only be reached at the destination by using a car or a cable car. There are hotels, restaurants and event centers in the complex that is also considered to be the biggest theme park in Malaysia.

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia to gamble and staycation, this is really a perfect place for you to do it,

This casino was opened in the 1970s with only 30 table games and a selection of what was the well-known game way back then. Through the years, the casino has been growing rapidly and started to be a well-known casino in Asia, with 3,000 gaming machines and more than 400 table games. The casino has now sprawled on 200,00 sq ft, a larger that you ever thought.

If you really want to visit this casino, then this is the time and a perfect place to be. It is situated 1,800 meters above sea level which is the main feature of this Genting Casino and was known as the Genting Highlands. This casino is located 35 km from the capital city of Malaysia, using a car to travel is the easier way to get there.

Enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity to wander the best casinos in Asia, so be sure Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is on the bucket list. Better be prepared and captured every destination you get.


The Philippines is on the list of the best casinos in Asia.

They are known for having beautiful beaches and delicious fruits like banana, soursop, papaya, guava, tamarind, calamansi, peanuts and pineapple that are widely exported to different countries. Other than that, the country is one of the top tourist destinations in Asian countries, and offers the best casino resorts in the region. The successful gambling industry has turned into one of the competitors of Singapore and Macau for the best casinos destination in Asia. People from different countries are normally visiting the country to enjoy the rich nature, the beautiful beaches, and for the casino enthusiasts would definitely enjoy the rich selection of casinos compared to the top casino’s destination in Europe.

The Resorts World Manila is located near the Manila Airport, with over 1,500 gaming machines and 300 live table games. This casino offers Las Vegas-vibes entertainment in a distinctive environment. This was the first casino resort to open doors in the Philippines. The casino has consistently managed to gain a great reputation as a gambling haven.

Solaire Resort and Casino is one of the most popular gambling establishments in the Philippines, and is competing with Resorts World Manila as the best casinos in the country. This casino was opened in 2013 located in Parañaque, Metro Manila, with iconic gaming and offers great entertainment. This casino is also highly regarded for its elegant design which captures every visitor’s hearts.

If you are planning to visit Philippines’ best casino, then this is the place to be where you can enjoy great gambling experiences and other adventurous activities outside the casino.


Gambling is one of the aged leisure activities in human history.

Casinos have always been a great place to unwind, to socialize and to make some money. If you thought about the word “casino”, the only destination that comes to your mind first is Las Vegas.

If you want to go to the best casinos, Las Vegas isn’t the only place that offers stunning casinos but also Asia is killing it – like Macau and Singapore, consider the biggest Asian destinations. Asia offers a top and the best hotspots for casino enthusiasts to visit, whether you are seeking for extravagant and modern destinations or an adventurous trip to more high-class gambling venues of all time.

Given that Asia is the largest continent and stands out among the other continents. It has a surprisingly massive area surrounded by the greatest places in the world of gambling, with casinos enthusiasts being spoiled when it comes to picking where to beat your money and getting more chances to win. However, there are still Asian countries where land-based casinos are banned like Vietnam and Nepal but still they offer amazing tourist destinations.

Also, Asia has the largest population and land area with thousands of visitors from different countries each year. With diversity in culture and more adventurous places, they get attached easily and cannot help themselves to pay a visit to any of these Asian countries.

Countries like India, South Korea, and China contribute to the technology industry more than the other countries. When it comes to gambling, Asia is willingly disunited and starting to compete with each other for the title of the best casino in Asia.

We have tried and tested which the best casinos have to offer greatly, given the top five best casinos in Asia mentioned above – Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Philippines, might be considered to add on your hot bucket list.

No matter where you want to travel and explore the outstanding casinos in Asia: enjoy the luxurious life, amenities, and great gambling experience in Macau, the sensational casino in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the charm of the Philippines, the distinct casino in South Korea or the staggering casinos in Singapore – all of them are the best casinos in Asia and are waiting for you to be there and enjoy wandering.

Lastly, always remember to check all of your belongings, your passport and visa, your book flights including the accommodation from the hotel you booked in. Most importantly, your enough budget or having extra cash to spend things and activities you like while you are on a vacation. For gambling, always know when and not to stop betting or else, you’ll the game and also your money. Be wiser.