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This Casino was established by a Frenchman and enjoyed by many actors and noble elites over the years. Marie Magdalene Dietrich, a famous German-American actress and singer, labelled the Casino Baden-Baden as the most beautiful casino in the world. It was designed over 190 years ago but still so much grace and oozing style. Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Gambler is believed to have been influenced by his fortune in this casino. Almost 200 years since its completion, the opulent casino continues to be a popular draw and is a must-see if you’re in the city.

Around the 18th century, when the gambling was introduced at Casino Baden-Baden, this calm spa town became busier since there are a lot of punters at the casino who would like to go to the spa to relax after a long exhausting day. Many years have passed, this casino is still the perfect location to spend for hedonistic weekends.

Hidden in a forested valley on the edge of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden was established as a health farm by the Romans, somewhere to relax for soldiers and people. You can still see the foundations, and while these fine buildings fall into ruins, the hot springs that fed them are still bubbling away. They built a bathhouse here, too.

In 1748, gambling was first recorded here, but when Paris closed its casinos in 1838, the golden age of Baden-Baden began. Two Frenchmen, the brothers Jacques and Edouard Benazet, opened a huge casino in the neoclassical Kurhaus that same year, decorated with chandeliers and gold leaves, and gamblers flocked here from all over Europe to nourish their habit.

This casino is located in the Black Forest area, apart from its popular thermal springs, including this beautiful casino, Baden-Baden offers lots to do. With decadent interiors, gilded mirrors, and sparkling chandeliers.

Influence of French

The grand interior of the casino is influenced by the greatness of the French palaces, particularly the Palace of Versailles. Its place near the French border meant that it was a popular place for French tourists until gambling was outlawed in France in the early 19th century.

Features at the Property

If you’re looking for a special experience or just want to have an old-school gaming experience in a beautiful environment, the casino inside the luxurious Club Bernstein is the perfect setting for professional operation. You can also enjoy lunch at the Grill Restaurant before leaving for a game round. There are traditional and relaxing drinks where you can enjoy a charming and lively atmosphere, engage in friendly gambling or compete, this will make the evening whatever you want it to be.

Gambling at Baden-Baden Casino

Don’t miss your chance to visit Baden-Baden landmark even though you don’t like gambling. There are guided tours of this elegant location steeped in tradition, both in the morning hours and in the afternoon where you can see a lot of gambling enthusiasts around the world.

Baden-Baden casino is a relatively big casino. The official name of the casino is Baden-Baden Casino. It offers over 140 games, a limited number of slot machines, 15 table live games, and more.

Baden-Baden Casino offers traditional table games like roulette and blackjack, and also Poker Table Games. Poker lovers can find poker cash tables including games like hold’em Poker. Visitors will play slot machines from 12:00 to 02:00 and live table games from 14:00 to 02:00. You will lift your bets at the cash game tables at 8:00 p.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Important Thing to Remember

It is necessary to note that you need to have a valid passport or ID for your entry.  You should not take children with you because the admission is given only to people who are above 21 years of age. Make sure you dress up formally. Men are expected to wear a jacket and a shirt; they would welcome a tie. If you’re going through Casino Baden-Baden in Germany and you don’t have the right clothes with you, the casino workers will be able to supply the appropriate garments for a fee. If you’re really going to stop by the slot machines, it’s okay to be Dresses.

History of the Casino Baden-Baden

If you are not into casino gambling, you can still visit Casino Baden-Baden in Germany.  They are renowned for their impressive interiors, with gaming rooms in similar style in the 19th century. No wonder why most travelers and gamblers around the world recommended this casino. They can enjoy playing the slots and table games they offer, eating in top-class restaurants, enjoying fantastic experiences, and extravagant chandeliers.

Aside from the reason you’re visiting Casino Baden-Baden in Germany, you will get a chance to discover and learn more about the history of this Casino Baden-Baden. For sure, you will be more interested with these things and make your travel trip more memorable, fun, and enjoy new discoveries.

The Building

The story began with Emperor Franz I, who, after being treated at the spa, he chose Baden as a permanent place for the summer stay of the imperial family. Make the city a famous and successful resort and a summer vacation spot for the nobility and the wealthy.

The building was built on the former site Theresienbad spa in the resort park around 1884 and 1886 as a modern Renaissance-style spa based on the designs of the architects Maximilian Katscher and Eugen Fassbender.

Throughout the interwar era, the last parts of the Theresienbad spa were cleared and a drinking hall was designed according to Joseph Fischer’s designs.

The Artworks

The ceiling fresco “Hygieia” created by professor Hans Zatzka in the year of 1886, it is a historical jewel. It is housed in the majestic hall of the Congress Casino Baden. Hygieia is the goddess of health and was thought to be the spouse of Asclepius, the god of healing.

Water is a key feature in the hot springs of Baden-Baden in Germany. The artist named Manfred Welte dedicated these three fountains to him during the refurbishment between 1992 and 1995: an illuminated water fountains on the terrace, a wellspring in the towering hall of the restaurant, a gem of 932 pieces of glass with a granite ball, and a granite fountain in the shape of a casino emblem with a revolving ball in front of the Baden hotel.

The Casino

The Baden-Baden Casino was established as Austria’s first year-round casino in the resort on the 12th day of April 1934. However, it was being closed in the Second World War. Russian headquarters were based there after the war, which is why most of the casino activities were only resumed in mid-1955. It transferred to the congress center in 1968.

Casino Baden was renovated several times in 1977. During the massive expansion from 1992 to 1995, the casino moved to the Baden event hall. The casino Baden was opened as the largest casino in Europe around March 1995, with congress and event centers. The Gaming Hall and Restaurant Areas were reintroduced way back in the year 2007.

Introduction of the Games

Over the years, Casino Baden-Baden introduces the games to its guests as it gives more and great gambling experiences.

1972 – Blackjack

1983 – American roulette

1987 – Austria jackpot

1987 – Punto banco

1988 – Wheel of fortune

1988 – Poker

1990 – Red dog

1991 – Sic bo

1994 – European seven eleven

2002 – Easy Poker

2002 – Easy Black Jack

2002 – Joker Wheel

2005 – Black Jack Imperial

2006 – Easy Roulette

2009 – Mega Million Jackpot

2013 – Black Jack Exchange

2014 – Double Roulette

Other Activities to Adventure Casino Baden-Baden

You’re in charge and you’re making choices about the outcome, and then adventure brings a sense of independence and responsibility over your existence. You can seek guidance about making important decisions about life in an adventure. Trying to create something different, adventure is the origin of research, innovation, and development.

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Aside from casinos, you can also wander and enjoy different activities to experience Casino Baden-Baden in Germany.

Baden-Baden Surroundings

Beautiful and scenic trip destinations throughout the Baden Baden area will inspire you to enjoy unique personal experiences. The popular Lichtentaler Allee, the rose gardens and the medieval castles of Ebersteinburg and Hoh stand for themselves through their memorable experiences. These are just a few attractions that will leave a distinctive impression on you as well those lying on the foothills of the Black Forest City.

The southern German city of Baden-Baden is indeed an aristocratic paradise in the spectacular Oos valley. Filled by the magnificent Black Forest Mountains, ancient influences from around the world can be found in every part of the region. On the tour, your guide will still be accommodating enough that there is space for unexpected variations and demands.

Day Trip to Strasbourg

The “City of its Crossroads” is undoubtedly one of the most stunning places in Europe. The cultural diversity of Strasbourg can indeed be traced back to prehistoric times, whenever the region became the core of European trade. Gutenberg also invented the printing of a book. Its statue can be seen on the square of the very same name. Popular because of its attractions, like the Gothic Cathedral of Münster, the Cathedral Square as well as the famous restaurant “Maison Kammerzell” in the world. He also welcomes you on a boat trip through the idyllic “Petite France” city.

Black Forest

They give their respected national and foreign visitors an interesting and diverse tour of Baden-Baden and the best beautiful places in the Black Forest. Your private driver guide would always be versatile enough for your suggestions as well as unexpected adjustments and preferences, so that you can experience your unforgettable ride in a comfortable environment.

Uncover the breathtaking scenic look of the Black Forest, appreciate the local food in the town’s fine dining and open up stunning scenic towns and villages throughout the Black Forest. All vehicles are new and air-conditioned, so you will have more relaxation during your tour.   This is your best chance to reserve a beautiful restaurant or to organize wine tastings in wine cellars in the city.


You don’t even have to bet to enjoy the elegance and lavishness of the Baden-Baden Casino. The iconic place, once mentioned by actress Marlene Dietrich as “the most magnificent casino in the world,” felt like a palace on the inside. Outrageous paintings and sculptures decorate the ceilings and walls of the main halls. Wear your best and smartest clothes to spend the night playing games in this beautiful atmosphere.

The resort and casino are located in a building named Kurhaus, which primarily acted as a rural ballroom. It became a casino last 150 years ago, it was set up as a summer resort for the noble families and elites of Germany who would often frequent the local spas. Yet head here today and find the doors open to all visitors around the world.

Explore the history of the building during a sightseeing tour of the Kurhaus. Observe the interior, built in the manner of the palaces of Paris, and appreciate the pomp and circumstance of the decoration. You might see the elegant chandeliers that will light up the whole room, called “Hall of a Thousand Candles”. You also don’t have to worry about bringing your kids with you because any age is welcome on the tours.

For visiting the casino, visitors must be aged 21 years old and over. You can now enjoy the classic casino games that offer you a best gaming experience.

The casino is easy enough to find, because it is both conveniently situated and among the most prominent landmarks in the town. On-site parking is open. The casino is open regularly, with the exception of some national holidays, and is open late. Formal dress is expected when playing at the Casino. Lastly, jackets and ties are available for rent at the Baden-Baden Casino.