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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

Are you looking for a perfect place to stay in Las Vegas?

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has always been giving excellent services and choices for travelers who are visiting Las Vegas. They offer a stylish environment together with great and helpful amenities that are primarily designed to enhance your stay. In guest rooms, they offer luxurious amenities like flat screen TV, air-conditioned room, minibar and more. This hotel features room service and housekeeper, this is to help make your stay more enjoyable and convenient. Parking lot is also available if you’re driving to MGM Grand Las Vegas.

When it comes to a huge entertainment and gaming complex, MGM Grand – Las Vegas owned it. It features a remarkable casino, various theaters for Broadway-style productions in the world, dining venues where you could enjoy and choose which fine dining you choose from, and live entertainers.

This MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was opened back in 1993, and truly is grand. There are over 5,000 rooms, making it one of the largest properties worldwide. What makes the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino standout among the others is that everything is visually spectacular. This casino is one of the biggest in town, making it recognized as The City of Entertainment. There is a pool complex where you could enjoy and unwind, this is a perfect time to relax after getting more stress at the casino, soaking your body in the pool. There are restaurants that are headed by the celebrity chefs.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas: Where is it located?

MGM Grand is located close to the middle point of the southern half of the Las Vegas Strip, to the other side of New York. There are hotels near MGM Grand Las Vegas like New York Hotel and Casino crossway to the streets and the Tropicana to the south. Most of the visitors or tourists want to explore all of the bigger properties through the Strip. You can find a taxi any time of the day and night, you don’t have to worry. There is also a monorail system, which stops at MGM.

Everything You Need to Know More About this MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

If you are planning to visit MGM Grand at Las Vegas, expect to have fun while exploring all the beautiful places in Las Vegas. There is no better place than the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where you can see the city completely and amazed by their culture.

Guests or visitors can enjoy a variety of shows like illusionists, comedies, a Hollywood theater, variety shows, sport events, and concerns that are held in the Grand Garden Arena. Also, for your nightlife pastimes, there are a lobby bar, nightclubs, cocktail bars, and gaming lounge, many more to mention. The MGM Grand is also offering fine dining, with award- winning cuisine worldwide. You might never leave.

If you wish to know more about this MGM Grand has to offer, see what else can you enjoy at MGM Grand Las Vegas:

Casino at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

This is one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas located at MGM Grand, sprawls over 170,000 square feet, making it recognized as one of the Best Strip casinos of all time. MGM Grand Casino offers to its guests a great gambling experience, offering tons of table games, sports books, video poker, roulette, Pai Gow tiles, Poker, racing, thousands of slot gaming machines and crap tables, many more.

Important Tip: How to Overcome Your Addiction from Gambling?

Betting assumes control of their lives and bargains their connections, occupations or instruction, and social exercise. Some similar things different addicts encounter – including withdrawal side effects, backslide, state of mind alteration, desires and loss of your control.

In this manner, it will turn out to be completely engrossed with betting and, notwithstanding when they are not betting, they are continually contemplating whenever they will be. Also, that is the thing that makes it complicated.

You need to occupy yourself and stay busy – Away from your access to gambling. So, it will not take away your cravings to gamble. It might make you feel the most noticeably awful for the main week or so subsequent to stopping betting, so it is basic to remain caught up amid this time – ideally in the organization of others to occupy yourself.

This only applies to those people who can’t stay away from gambling. Gambling is a part of entertainment but there are always limitations to set, especially if you are a vacationer from another country who visited Las Vegas.

Hotel Rooms and Suites at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

If you are tired after a long trip or from exploring the MGM Grand and the city, MGM Grand offers you over 5,000 luxurious rooms, 600 suites, and 29 private villas in The Mansion at MGM Grand.

Hotel rooms at the MGM Grand got upgraded from basic to a vibrant way back in 2012. About 450 sq ft for a standard room, a very spacious room you might like. In West tower rooms are smaller, with 250 sq ft. While suites at the MGM Grand sprawls 775 sq ft., including bathtubs, showers, dining tables and living rooms.

All units at MGM Grand are large and very modern, it suits everyone’s tastes. However, there are no coffee makers inside, and it has empty mini-refrigerators. In-room Wi-Fi is also covered by the resort fee.

You should stay in rooms with great amenities and make your stay very comfortable.

Important Tip: When you are in a new country, you are always going to be needing a place to stay. A lot of people opt to get a hotel room because of the amenities and services that are being offered. Below are the three simple tips for you to do before booking in a hotel:

  • Rooms and Amenities

This is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a hotel. First of all, how many people are going to stay in the hotel? Are you going to be alone or are you going in with friends and family?

If it is the latter, you may want to get a family suite so that there will be enough space for everyone to stay. If that is not possible, ask the hotel if they have connecting rooms.

Next would be the amenities. How many shower rooms are there? How many beds are there? What size are they? Do you need some extra sofas?

Again, this will entirely depend on your needs. If you are the only one who is going to stay, then you can do away without all of those fancy things, except of course if we’re talking about the shower room and other hotel essentials.

There are also some foods that you can take on the fridge if you need it. Just make sure that you are aware of the prices as they are more expensive than when you buy stuff from the store yourself.

  • Hotel Facilities

What is the reason for your stay in another place? Is it because you want to enjoy your vacation or is it due to a business function? If you are going alone, then you just need to consider the hotel’s restaurant and other facilities that you can use on your own.

If it is for a business function, ask about the hotel’s conference rooms and how many people are going to be packed inside.

For people who want to get physically fit while they’re in the hotel, ask if they have a gym or fitness equipment that you can use and also ask if it is part of the hotel’s package.

  • Location

The hotel’s location is another important consideration. If you do not have your own car, you have to get a hotel where public transportation is near.

If you want to stay in a hotel and you are going to have a business function in another place, you have to be in a hotel where it is near your destination so that you won’t lose a lot of precious time.

  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi

Having a Wi-Fi Connection during your stay in the hotel is now considered a must. In fact, if people find that the hotel doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi, then they’re most likely not going to push through with their reservation.

Also, even though the hotel offers free Wi-Fi, it is important to ask if they offer it entirely for free or if you are given a daily usage cap. This is important since you do not want to be surprised when you see the final bill.

  • Great Security

Above anything else, you want a hotel that gives you the security and assurance that no attackers, assailants, or people with nefarious intent are able to enter the premises. Furthermore, you want your hotel room to have an adequate locking mechanism to ensure that no unauthorized people can get in.

Restaurants and Bars at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

In MGM Grand – Las Vegas, there are many dining options to choose from, including celebrity chef restaurants and fast-food courts. MGM Grand is happily offering 24-hour in-room dining. You can choose which dining option you would prefer such as spanning fast-foods to high-class restaurants like Hakkasan Restaurant, Morimoto Las Vegas for Japanese fare, Joel Robuchon for gourmet French cuisine, Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria, Ambra Italian Kitchen, and GM Grand Buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, many more.

You don’t have to worry about where to eat, MGM Grand offers you numerous choices where you can satisfy your cravings as well as to discover more of their foods, specialty, delicacies.

Swimming pools at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

 One thing for sure that you must really love staying at MGM Grand Las Vegas is that having a perfect place to relax and unwind, with waterfalls, rivers, caves, five pools, palm trees, hot tubs, and the pool complex. This is one of the most impressive in MGM Grand Las Vegas.

The pool complex is six and a half acres huge. It was really impressive. The area has five pools, palm trees in which it gives tropical vibes, and a Wet Republic that is over 55,000sq ft party pool. This pool is open for everyone who is twenty-one or older. You can also enjoy it because DJs help to create a fun atmosphere.

Alway remember that the MGM pool complex can get crowded when afternoon comes. But all of the pool activities are closed during the Winter season.

Other features at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

 Full-service spa with hydrotherapy

  • Fitness center with classes
  • Entertainment Options
  • Shadow Creek Golf Course

There are plenty of features that MGM Grand Las Vegas has to offer, both for those who are looking for entertainment and just for relaxation. The Grand Spa at the MGM Grand Las Vegas features saunas, lounges, whirlpools, and steam rooms. However, these facilities require a pass to enter. They also offered to hotel guests to book a treatment at the spa on fixed days of the week. There is also a fitness center that has rows of elliptical machines and treadmills, natural light from windows, and high-ceilings.

Also, a variety of entertainment is available at the MGM Grand Las Vegas where guests can enjoy the popular shows such as KA by Cirque du Soleil, dance groups and country singers.

Lastly, a twenty-minute drive from the Strip to Shadow Creek Golf Course where guests can have access to this feature. MGM also offers a personal limo and caddie services from the Strip.


MGM Grand Las Vegas didn’t invent entertainment, they perfected it where its guests can totally enjoy the events at the Grand Garden Arena, world-class shows, nightlife, and fine dining.

This is one of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas and has the best restaurants in the city, a casino that offers great gambling experiences, an-site entertainment options. If you are looking for a strong candidate with all the elegance, MGM Grand Las Vegas is a perfect place to be, where you can enjoy comfortable rooms, minibars, bathrooms – all are under one roof.

This is your chance to get entertained while you are on a vacation.