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The Venetian, Macau

Why the Venetian, Macau is the Perfect Place to Visit?

Through the years, the gambling industry has been evolving and is more popular than ever before. It is set to grow at a record in most of the countries like the United States of America, France, UK, Russian Federation, Macau, Singapore, more to mention. Until with help of the technologies and connectivity, gambling has evolved to online platforms where punters can now gamble anytime, anywhere using their desktop or mobile phones.

Casinos are one of the most exciting forms of entertainment around the globe. It has been around for centuries and they will be around for centuries to come. No wonder why gambling is a big business internationally, and is getting bigger.

Unsurprisingly, Asia is one of the biggest gambling markets worldwide, given the largest continent among the others. However, the gambling laws really do vary from country to country. Today, some countries allow gambling and it is legal but others ban it. There are countries like India which heavily regulate massive growth of online gambling today, even if the gambling is restricted all around the country. Possibly the most shocking was the inclusion of Iraq and North Korea as part of countries in Asia that have at least one casino.

In Asia, Macau is known for its tourism which is the major industry. Everyone called Macau as the land of the gambling destinations where you can find the best casinos not just in Macau and Asia but in the world – Casino Lisboa, Macau, Sands Macau, The Venetian Macao, and Wynn Macau. The gambling tourism is the biggest source of revenue in Macau.

Traditional casino games like blackjack poker, and roulette are very popular games in Casino and sports betting and other games are very profitable.

Trip to The Venetian, Macau

 If you are planning to travel to Macau, your trip isn’t complete without visiting The Venetian, Macau. You can enjoy staying more comfortable at the award-winning hotel and resort where you can fulfill your high expectations. The Venetian Macao is the leading business in Asia, shopping, leisure, entertainment, and gambling destination featuring lavish suites, more than 300 stores at Shoppes at Venetian, and cuisines.

This is what everyone called it a home to the largest casino in the world, has sprawls over 50,000 sq meters with over 2,000 slot gaming machines, 500 table games, and electronic table games as well as the new and unique games that are not found in any casinos in the world like Dragon Tiger Fortune Spin and Fast Action Baccarat.

This venue is located on the Cotai Strip next to Plaza Casino. It has over 3,000 luxurious suites and a mega resort imitating the famous architectural canals and icons of Venice, Italy. The Venetian Macao’s designs are inspired by the travels of Marco Polo. It includes all of the amazing features that can also be found in The Venetian Las Vegas, with multiple restaurants, arena, shopping, meeting and exhibition centres in Asia.

The Venetian Macao includes the outdoor recreation facilities, landscaping amenity, water features, pools, garden and lanais, all connected together by a lazy river. There is also an on-site golf course on the roof.

Casino at The Venetian, Macau

This casino is inspired by both Las Vegas and Venice, this luxurious property can easily put other casinos to shame, claiming to be the best casinos in the World. The Venetian Macau is the largest casino with 550,000 sq ft of gaming space. 

Macau rivals Las Vegas for the title of ‘Best Gambling Destination’. It remains Las Vegas’ greatest rival on the world list. The casinos have been around for centuries and are part of the incomes including the growth of the gambling business both land-based or an online casino.

The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel is undeniably the most popular destination because of its casino in the world, with 12 acres and located on the 1st level of the building. The casino splits into four areas Imperial House, Phoenix, Golden Fish, and the Red Dragon. The casino offers 850 table games, over 4,000 slot gaming machines with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other gambling games.

Because of the local law, you must be 18-years or older to enter the casino area.

Tourist Area in The Venetian, Macau

If you are looking for a beautiful tourist area, there are The Venetian-styled buildings, plaza, and canals. The most shocking part is that all of these areas are located on the third floor. The Grand Canal Shoppes is also located on the same floor and is the one of the largest indoor shopping malls in Macau with 22 acres and with over 300 physical stores inside. You can shop whatever you want since they’re all internationally renowned brands – from clothes, accessories, jewelries, and other goods you have found inside the shopping mall. This area alone gives you great shopping experiences in your entire life.

Aside from shopping at the Shoppes, you can take you around the Grand Canal Shoppes area, which is also the best choice for you to roam around. You can enjoy and relax at the same time, knowing it gives a Venice Canal-vibe. It was really impressive. The Marco Polo, San Luca and Grand Canals are all labeled after the most popular Venetian canals. Aside from these canals, there is San Marco Square which is named after the Italian plaza.

Since we have talked about shops and gondolas, tourists, guests or visitors can enjoy the entertainment while strolling around Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel with Streetmosphere performers and a piano solo, in which it keeps you more entertained all the way. What else, you are about to see the beauty of the man-made blue sky that can produce sunrise and sunset effects with the use and control of the computer. It was really pleasing to the eyes.

After a long day, you can go to the first floor where you can also enjoy the ZAIA Theater to enjoy shows as presented by the Cirque Du Soleil as a permanent show.

Restaurants at The Venetian, Macau

After a very long and tiring day, you deserve to eat delicious foods from the high-class restaurants situated at The Venetian Macao. Surprisingly, there are more than thirty high-class restaurants in the Grand Canal Shoppes. There are also restaurants in Western food and snacks, Chinese and Japanese near the casino area. One of them is the largest restaurant in Asia which caters thousands of customers, knowing that there are more than 1,000 tables.

During the night, you can also enjoy and relax over a drink at the Bellini Lounge and enjoy listening to some live music. As a matter of fact, all the dancers, singers and musicians around the world perform every day and night.

Hotel and Suites at The Venetian, Macau

If you want to describe the Venetia Macao, using superlatives is still difficult to express knowing that you are having a vacation at one of the topnotchers destinations in the world. The Venetian Macao is owned by the Las Vegas Corporation, a sister in The Venetian Las Vegas, the largest casino worldwide with 10 million sq ft, the biggest single hotel building in Asia and ranked sixth at the largest building in the world.

The Venetian Macao’s luxurious hotels provide not just only great accommodations but also an extensive selection of entertainment forms. Aside from its exhibits and shows, these world-class hotels have become the most visited each year, Also, Macau is the home of the biggest hotels worldwide. You know what makes these hotels best is that they provide free shuttle services from tourist spots all around the city.

The Venetian Macao becomes more popular because of its 3,000 luxurious rooms and 3,000-machine entertainment gaming area. It is also known because of the structure and its designs which are inspired by the Italian City of Venice.

Important Tip:  Looking for the best hotel for you that satisfies all of your needs so before you go out there and search for a hotel on the internet, it is important that you already know exactly what you want to get.

  • Amenities Do You Need

We live in the digital age so having internet connectivity in the form of a WiFi connection is now considered a must. That being said, you must ask the hotel if they offer free WiFi or not. You will be surprised that there are actually still some hotels that charge a fee for this otherwise mandatory amenity.

You may also want to look at their breakfast service as well. You might find that upon taking a gander on the hotels’ rates that there is no price for breakfast. You have to ask for clarification because having no price indicated beside the menu is not indicative that it is actually for free!

  • Hotel Website

Even if you go to a booking website, it is still important that you actually go to the hotel’s actual website as well.

You see, booking engines are not quick to update information on their pages, which is why it is imperative that you go to the hotel’s website yourself. That being said, you must assess the quality of the information presented on the website and verify it with an email or even a phone call.

  • Look at Positive Reviews

Most booking engines provide an avenue for customers to leave favorable or unsavory reviews on the hotels that they stayed in. Filter the reviews since the past year so that you can find somewhat accurate information.

Anyway, when looking at the reviews, you have to be skeptical of reviews that pretty much speak nothing ill of a hotel as they are most likely reviews being bought by some establishments. Furthermore, you may also want to take into account the negative reviews as well. If you see a common theme, then it is probably true.

These tips mentioned above are for the visitors who are planning to book another hotel. But if they are looking for all the things they need to have in a hotel, then The Venetian Macao Hotel is the perfect place and hotel to stay at.

Why You Must Visit the Venetian, Macau?

If you want to know why you must visit The Venetian Macao, aside from one of the most overrated travel destinations worldwide, Macau is known for the “Las Vegas of Asia”.  Macau features the biggest casinos, hotels and entertainments – like The Venetian Macao – as well as you can see these destinations offer more lights, sounds and excitement of gambling.

The Venetian Macao offers luxurious hotels and rooms, a remarkable casino resort in Macau. This venue has the main areas which are the entertainment, accommodation and the casino in the hotel.

In the entertainment area, you can see and amazed the Venetian-styled buildings as well as the canals and plaza. Travelers from around the world who visit Macau will find themselves engaged in an Asian destination that seize the important details of the European heritage. If you are staying in Macau, you have a feeling that you’re in two destinations because of the advertisements and the street signs are in Portuguese and Chinese architecture.

Despite the fact that the continuous comparison to Las Vegas, Macau is known for being the largest gambling center in the world which has contributed to the Gross Domestic Product in the City. However, the casino culture really stands to Macau’s true charms.


 The Venetian Macao has been talked about over the past years and is known as one of the largest and most opulent hotel and casino complexes not just in Macau and Asia but in the world. The venue sprawls over 10,500,000 sq ft, and offers over 3,000 suites. The resort has great services and entertainment that cater more visitors of all age groups.

Venetian Macao has been giving positive impacts on Macau like having Venetian Macao alone as Integrated Resort in City, help increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), open a lot of opportunities in terms of employment, more facilities and leisure places for Macau.

Due to pandemic hits worldwide, Venetian Macao might really need to adapt to this kind of situation where safety measures and protocols need to be followed, which affect a lot of their business. Hoping that we could survive this pandemic and start the plans that have been stopped for a while. If visiting to Venetian Macao is one of your bucket lists after this pandemic, then this is the perfect place to be.