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Grand Lisboa, Macau

Why do Gamblers Love to Travel to Macau for Gambling?


GAMBLING has now taken place for hundreds, thousands of years or centuries and is inherently associated with the history of humanity. As the gambling spreads and has evolved throughout society, it becomes more regulated and organized so that it is easier to play and win at the same time.

More than 20 centuries, legalized gambling was nearly exclusively connected with Las Vegas. Around the 1960s, it began to change when New Hampshire started seeking to raise funds for education without tax increase, and also became the first state to start a modern government-run lottery. AND now, a lot of states and other countries took notice and soon launched their own. Restrictions against casinos, slots, betting, and horse racing were started to fade away in some countries. They started to take gambling revenue and expand their operations in gambling to draw in more cash. By this, it will help the economy of the country.

Most people can now safely enjoy playing the lottery occasionally, taking once in while trips to a casino, or even joining in a poker game every so often. For them, gambling is really a fun recreational activity which helps them relieve stress from a very exhausting day.

But not have to be that way for the others. There are millions of people around the world urges to gamble and it became stronger that will lead to terrible consequences like broken marriages and family, financial ruin, anxiety, depression and worst committing suicide.

Gambling addiction and problem gambling have now been around for ages. However, the new opportunities to gamble as necessitous affirms desperation for new revenue streams, banning against table games, slot machines, and any other forms of gambling. Well, there are casinos around the world that offer Responsible Gambling to its punters which helps them to give advice, tips and guides, and everything to overcome your bad gambling behavior.

Short brief about Grand Lisboa in Macau

Macau is known as the “Las Vegas of China”, Macau is the polestar of gambling and glamorous casinos where you can find and discover the world-class luxury entertainment in the city. They have much more to offer than that.

GRAND LISBOA – it is a golden lotus-shaped tower located in Macau. It has favorably become the landmark in which people easier to navigate the streets of the peninsula. Their four gaming floors are extremely crowded with gamblers.

The tower at the Grand Lisboa is 800 feet tall, it is a Macau landmark, lit by millions of LED lights that draws and attracts more people both during day and night time. The extravagant atmosphere continues in the busy lobby, where all you can see are the shimmering and sparkling

 marble in-lay floors, mirrored surfaces, chandeliers and more. There is a lot to must-see and do here in the Grand Lisboa, it is a perfect destination for every visitor not just across the city but in the world.

This property features 8 restaurants including the Robuchon au Dome, which venue is perfectly located at the peak of the dome which has wide-ranging views that overlooks the city. The hotel at the Grand Lisboa has over 400 luxury rooms which are very spacious including amenities, has a casino with entertaining live dance shows, an outdoor pool, potted palms, and the views of the other neighboring casinos. It is a good and a perfect place for travelers who are also looking to experience the casino side of this property.

No wonder why this is one of the best gambling destinations worldwide where there are a lot of tourists from other countries who would love to travel to Macau and enjoy the luxurious life and great experiences in both entertainment and perfect vacation in the Grand Lisboa. Check it out.

Why do Gamblers Love to Travel to Macau for gambling?

There is no place to replace it when it comes to Macau. It is known as the gambling center around the world, but it was also a breathtaking place to visit. You can enjoy wandering the areas you passed by, tourist spots you visit down to the spectacular casino, Macau is a dream of every gambler to go to. No wonder why it is called the Las Vegas of Asia, one of the reasons why many countries started to legalize the casino industry, which not only draws more people and gains higher revenues, but also it helps in terms of boosting your tourism industry.

Below is the reason why gamblers would love to visit Macau to gambling:

The Largest Gambling Center –

If you haven’t heard of Macau, probably Las Vegas is still the largest gambling center you think all this time. Then, you haven’t been paying attention ever since. Aside from the tag of being the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau is the largest gambling center in the world, which has more than 70 percent of its revenue given rise to gambling and gaming activities. It was reported that the gambling industry in Macau has generated over 16.3 billion USD per year, as of March 2020. Expected to increase the next coming years, and with this situation that everyone is facing right now which is the COVID-19 pandemic, the said business may temporarily close for the tourists for their safety and protection.

The Largest Casino in the world and Wide-Variety of Game Selections –

MACAU is the best known as the largest casino worldwide. It is compared to Las Vegas and sometimes it is called The Venetian. The casino sprawls over 376,000 sq ft. for gaming space, it has 1,760 slot gaming machines and over 600 gaming tables like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat. Sic Bo, and Sand Stud Poker where guests and gamblers can enjoy a wide-variety of game selection which happens not to get bored. Non-gamblers also want to visit the place to wander and enjoy the foods there.

And if you cannot find a casino game in Macau, then you cannot find it anywhere in this world. There are a lot of games to choose from, as mentioned above.

There are many casinos in Macau –

As of 2019, there are 41 casinos in Macau, and these casinos are something that you couldn’t find anywhere. These casinos include the Grand Lisboa, it offers its guests and punters great gambling experiences but at the same time, it entertains you with live shows or any other events located in the area. If you are more into a card game, you can also find a different version of the game that meets your expectations and your needs.

Enjoys other beautiful destinations and events-

If you are looking for entertainment aside from going to the casino, you can also enjoy other beautiful places in Macau, or any events that would probably lose track of time, then this is a perfect place to be. You can enjoy all of them or a few, but make sure that you cherish every moment, and always have your full-battery cameras or mobile phones to capture every place you’ll go.

Slot Gaming Machines, Restaurants and Shops –

If you are into more slot games, there are no other places you can go like Macau, which has over 17,000 slots in the territory. Nothing can take their spot of having the best casino destinations in the world and offering thousands of slot gaming machines. You can find theme-based slots and regular slots. There are also games that are featuring 3D or virtual reality, it is already a new technology which can be played easier and convenient. You can find other games in Macau.

If you are tired all day, you can also visit the shops and pick whatever you want. The property also features shop stores where you can find luxury and designer brands from other countries.

Other than that, it also features fine-dining restaurants to choose from, which you can fully enjoy with their foods.

Climb at The Macau Tower –

Macau offers you a range of activities where you can totally enjoy and offers you a great experience that you have never experienced in your entire life. You can also climb up to the tower that stands at 338 meters and challenge yourself to do the exciting bungee jumping. Jumping from 200 meters is no joke and a challenge for you. Make sure you don’t have a heart problem. This is only for people who are physically fit and have a strong spirit animal.

Definitely, Macau offers you a great opportunity to have fun, enjoy and discover more about the city. Casinos in Macau are full of surprises and entertainment. If you are a casino lover, then you cannot miss the world’s gambling center where you can find games you haven’t heard before. No wonder why there are a lot of high-rollers from other countries in the casino who are entitled to perks and constant donations from the casinos.

These are the reasons why gamblers from other countries of the world would love to travel to Macau not just only to gamble but to get more chances to explore of the city. These things mentioned above explained everything.

The Property and its features:

Luxury Rooms 

The hotel is located in the Central Business District of Macau, where you can also find various casinos within a walking distance. Grand Lisboa features luxurious rooms with free Hermes bath products and minibars. They are all very spacious with a variety of lavish designs on it. You can also be amazed by the carpets underfoot, mirrored walls, dark wood veneer desks and end tables, and comfortable seats. In the higher category rooms, they have marble accents and some of the rooms have artistic panels above the beds.

There are certain rooms that offer a great view of the South China Sea, with flat-screen TVs, free unlimited Wi-Fi, minibars stocked with water, beverages, soda, and juices. All of them are marble bathrooms with showers and separate whirlpool tubs. They also provide extra amenity kits for personal use. It is definitely a wow factor!

Restaurants and heated outdoor pool

The property features eight on-site restaurants that serve a wide-variety of cuisine including Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and American. Three of the eight restaurants have earned Michelin stars which are Robuchon au Dome, The Kitchen and the 8. The Don Alfonso restaurant is led by one of the Michelin-star winning chefs in Italy. You can also enjoy the 24-hour cafe where you could enjoy sipping and breakfast is served also but this is not included with room rates.

After a very tiring day, you can relax at the heated pool which is located at the top of the tower. It also features an impressive waterfall, and a large jetted area. Other than that, a salon is also available.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there is a modern fitness center in the hotel, which also offers a private instructor. There is also a ballroom and meeting rooms that are available in the property.


There are a lot of casinos established worldwide, but only few of them offered great services and gambling experiences. Surprisingly, Grand Lisboa is a leading casino among them. It is known as the best gambling destination not just in Macau and Asia but in the world. The largest hotel-casino offers you more convenience yet more luxurious experience. It can be pricey but all are worth it at Grand Lisboa in Macau.

If you are asking if it is worth visiting and staying for, YES. It definitely is. The staff at Grand Lisboa Macau are very welcoming and all are friendly, which captures your heart for their warm greetings and very approachable.

Visiting to Macau is something you to look forward for, where you can enjoy discovering other tourist spots and beautiful destinations and it is a perfect place to unwind and for relaxing. If you are a gambler, then casino at Grand Lisboa is all perfect on what qualities you are looking for. Aside from that, you could also have a chance to get to know more about the history, traditions, religions, and cultures, many more.