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Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is one of the most exclusive and the best gambling facilities worldwide. Knowing also that it’s one of the most interesting attractions in Monaco where you can enjoy the place and learn at the same time about the history of this casino. What a lovely surprise! You can still visit the casino even if you don’t have a plan to bet.

It is an impressively beautiful, fully decorated building, and also one of the leading attractions in the Principality of Monaco. This place is a perfect place that you must include in your travel bucket list and see the beauty of Monte Carlo Casino, where you could also play at the casino if you like to. And if not, it’s okay to visit. They allowed visitors to come at the casino but there are procedures or rules to follow implemented by the Casino.

You have made the right choice if you take a trip to Monaco, where you could see the Place du Casino and head down in the cultivated atmosphere of the Principality. You will not regret it as soon as you step on the Monaco ground. This really makes your trip truly unique that offers the type of luxury and great views.

Long time ago, Las Vegas or Macau rose to fame and have been rivaling the position of the best casino in the world, without knowing that Monte Carlo Casino was the premier gambling destination of the world since in the mid 1880s and have still continued to run as the best casino hotspot.

Friendly reminder: The casino is only open for tours between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM each day. From 2:00 PM until 6:00 AM, gaming is allowed. Given the current situation which affects the lives of many even the businesses around the world, COVID 19, the opera will not resume until 21st of October.

Brief History of the Monte Carlo Casino

The casino was built in the early 1860s in the land of Plateau des Spélugues, where cultivated citrus trees are growing. A very different view from the luxurious we see today.

The Monte Carlo’s construction was heavily down to Société des Bains de Mer‘s founder, François Blanc, where he shared his new vision for Monaco being the world-renowned gambling destination. The build was started in 1863 and after five years, the casino was introduced to the world. The architect, Charles Garnier, whose work also embraces the designed majestic Paris Opera, which is to add to its stature on a world scale.

Throughout the decades, the Monte Carlo casino has always played an important role in how Monaco has changed and adapted with the times. Monte Carlo Casino will be always the beating heart of the principality.

Visiting the Monte Carlo Casino

Everyone is allowed to enter the casino building without showing an Identification card to take a look inside where you can see the Salle Renaissance, a slot machine room, for free. There are two areas where you don’t have to adhere to a strict dress code. Kids can go into the atrium and bar area but they are not allowed to go inside the Salle Renaissance. Right before the atrium where you can see the entrance of the casino, that’s the time when you really need to follow the slightly stricter rules inside.

These are the most important parts to know before you visit the casino, where the casino can be visited in different ways. Identification cards are required to enter the casino and everyone must be 18 years old or older.  See it below:

  • Group Visit with a minimum of 10 people: From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM every day. The admission ticket costs around €10 per head BUT you can wear the clothes exclusively for the tourists for these visits. When you get inside, you will notice how cleaned and maintained the casino. By this time, you are allowed to take photos inside but you cannot gamble inside.

If there are only 10 people, the price for the admission ticket would be raised to €17 per person, starting from May to the end of the month of September. From October to May, it would cost €12 per person.

  • Individual visits from 2:00 PM onwards: The admission to the 1st room is free, where you can gamble on the slot machines, but you are not allowed to take photos. Admission to all of the casino rooms inside costs only €17 and €14 if by group. You can enjoy playing card games and roulette. You need to show your ID to enter the casino rooms. Your dress must be casual attire, no ripped jeans.

Dress Code

There are no specific dress codes and attires for the casino but proper attire is really required. This actually means that you cannot wear sports shoes or flip flops, and shorts. At 8:00 PM, Monte Carlo Casino recommends everyone to wear jackets.

Visit from 10:00 AM to 1:00 pm –

  • T-shirts, shorts, and sport shoes tolerated
  • faded jeans, sportswear, shorts and beach dresses, tank tops, sweat suits, sandals and flip-flops for men, and running shoes are not allowed.

During the openings of the games, you must be 18-year older and allowed to gamble. You must bring your photo ID because it is mandatory. From 7:00 PM, the dress code must follow:

  • T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts are prohibited.

dark sport shoes or chic shoes, and dark jeans tolerated

Play at the Casino and its Betting amounts

There is a time where you can and cannot play at the casino. If playing, you must have your photo ID because it is really required to enter the casino. All visitors must be 18 years or older. The admission cost is €17 and €14 if you are attending as a member of a group of more than 10. There are dress codes that need to be followed like we’ve mentioned above.

Any of the currencies can be exchanged for chips at the casino, so you don’t have to worry what kind of money you have in the back to pay or use. For you to know, the betting amounts are ranging from €5 and a maximum of €3,000. If you are in a private room, the minimum bet is €10 and no maximum bet. From there, you can also follow the French Roulette online and enjoy.

In the main casino hall, there will be a minimum to bet from €5 and the maximum is €2000. If you want to take your gaming to a private room, the minimum bet is €10 and still there’s no maximum bets.

Two Basic Tips for Beginners to Play at the Casino

These two tips will help you to gamble wiser, somehow. If you are a beginner, there are a lot of things that you need to know more about gambling at casinos but these two have mentioned below are what you really need for now.

  • Effective gambler and budget plan

The main principle of betting is never bet beyond what you can easily bear to lose. You must figure out your budget plan for your casino games to play and bet.  If you just pursue that one standard frequently, you’ll never get in trouble.  Promise yourself that you’ll never bet beyond what you can afford.  The other condition is to play the right games for you, you must know how to play. And you must stay away from the games which you may think it’s hard to play.

  • Strategy is important

Indeed, even if you play the best games, without the right strategies, you’ll lose more than you should.  It is also important to know how to recognize the best games.  Every game has strategies to apply in order for you to win. Before betting real money, it is important to learn the game first. And if you are a pro, you know what to do. The way that you’re bound to win in the present moment is adjusted by the way that when you do lose, you’ll lose big greater than if you haven’t utilized betting strategies.

Monte Carlo Casino and Gambler’s Fallacy

There are a lot of players who make mistakes by believing that luck comes in streaks.

The gambler’s fallacy – the possibility that something happening more much of the time than typical is “expected” to happen less every now and again later on, or the other way around – is here and there called the Monte Carlo fallacy. This was highlighted perfectly at the casino way back in August 1913, with a run of results in roulette costing gamblers thousands.

Obviously, despite the fact that the general chances of this streak happening are low, the wheel can just hit dark or red and hence dependably has a half possibility of hitting it is possible that one with each turn.

This typical measurable occasion brought about a bonus for the casino. This misguided judgment influences something beyond casinos and beyond the typical casinos around the world, be that as it may: it happens when a ballplayer who makes various shots straight is viewed as “hot,” or when they are more averse to give a credit if they conceded one on the last application they have studied, or when certain stores are accepted to sell more winning lottery tickets than others.

How is Monte Carlo Casino Different from the Other Casinos?

Most of the casinos around the world are using various tricks to keep their mind on the games at hand. They really don’t have clocks, windows, or anything else that would give you a clue on the amount of time you have spent on the casino gambling floor.

Monte-Carlo Casino takes very different approaches to this matter. They not only have clocks but also, they feature a large window that provides its players to see wonderful views coming from the outdoors.

Another difference is the makeup of the gambling floors at the casino. Monte Carlo Casino doesn’t have numerous slot gaming machines like the other most gambling destinations.

They also feature more table games because they could earn more the majority of their revenue in this area. Compared to other casinos which only fill their gambling floors with video poker and slot gaming machines.

As you can see, the gambling floor at the Monte Carlo Casino is much more decorated than those other casinos have found. Monte Carlo Casino always goes for a very classic and elegant look that incorporates stunning chandeliers, marble floors and remarkable candelabras.

Monte Carlo Casinos are not as noisy as the other casinos you know. Fewer slot machines and a quieter table games crowd is one of the factors why casinos are less-noisy.


Monte Carlo is one of the most popular destinations not just only in Monaco but in the world. It is also known because of their hottest tourist destinations which welcomes thousands of people or even millions from across the globe every year. For those casino lovers, you will have a special reason why you want to visit Monte Carlo aside from exploring the other beautiful destinations.

There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do in Monte Carlo, being the smallest region with only 16,012 population as of July 2020 yet the region is still blessed with luxurious hotels and suites, restaurants, beautiful attractions and more to mention.

Monte Carlo Casino might definitely not be your typical or standard gambling trip but it is one of the most luxurious gambling destinations in the world. You don’t need to be a prince or princess just to enjoy the beauty of Monte Carlo, but you really need to have a larger enough budget before you are planning to head there.

Monte Carlo hotels are much pricier than any other casino-hotel destinations around the world. You will always have to spend more money before getting here. And if you are planning to visit Monte Carlo, you will not be upset or disappointed because what you have seen online is also the same when you get there. “What you see is what you get” as what the other people called it.