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Best Casinos in Singapore

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Gambling is a form of entertainment for positive gamblers and has been part of every country’s culture for thousands of years. Historians believe that gambling has started way back Paleolithic times. Entertainment always costs money, even if it’s going to watch movies at the cinema or a ball game. Gambling is more like any other business that their main intention is taking money from the gamblers or patrons. There is no secret about this and you must do your part which is winning.

Through the years, from simple betting to modern gambling, it has evolved and changed a lot. There are several game variations like table games, slots, online gambling, and live casino games, many more to mention. No wonder why gambling has become a huge industry marketed at 449.3 Billion USD in 2018. Although, gambling from other countries has been prohibited like South Korea where tourists or foreigners are only allowed to play but not the citizens in the country.

Besides, playing casino games sometime can be healthy in terms of helping to relieve your stress, however, there are plenty of ways to relieve yourself from stress. This is a recreational activity for gamblers if done in a limited or budgeted amount of money to bet. Or else, an impulsive betting can turn gambling into disastrous events which causes lives to be unhealthy both psychological and physical aspects.

With the help of technologies and advent of internet connectivity, casinos can be played through desktops or mobiles, much better using applications where gamblers around the world are enjoying at their own comfort without risking your sanity.

Gambling in Singapore

Do you have a plan heading to Singapore for gambling at the best casinos?

You don’t have to forget your lucky charms and must check out these luxurious casinos in Singapore – well, that will be discussed later. These casino hotels and cruises boast the hottest tables in Singapore, offering luxurious gambling halls, where its visitors enjoy playing a wide variety of game selections like roulette wheels, slot machines, blackjack, and sport books. These will let their guests enjoy the best of comfort and luxury. There is live entertainment, spacious lounges, drinks and dining that they offer for their guests. While enjoying the night and enjoy playing at the casino, hoping your fortunes change tonight.

There are only a few best casinos in Singapore but all of them attract more people from other countries, offering great gambling experiences with their full range of casino games. A little trivia, the first casino in Singapore opened way back in 2006, being compared to the best casinos you have found in Las Vegas or Macau, but this country is one of the banking capitals in the world. No wonder why Singapore is known for a wealthy city state of South-East Asia, with strict local laws and being known for their security and stability.

If you are looking for the best casinos in Singapore, we have listed below and included one casino cruise which we think is the best so you can choose which casino is the right for you. See it below:

1. Marina Bay Sands Casino

The resort property is undeniably the most remarkable in the world, their luxurious casino says it all, too. This casino has 15,000 sq ft and the gaming arena is featuring over 500 table games, 1,600 slot machines, and 30 private gaming rooms. Marina Bay Sands Casino is being recognized as the best casino offering the newest and the most popular electronic gaming machines in the world, making them one of the best casinos in Singapore. There is a minimum bet for live games depending on the table, but usually they will start from 25 SGD.

This Marina Bay Sands is the new icon of Singapore where 3 skyscrapers built directly overlooking the historic bay area in Singapore and the durian design of their stunning Esplanade Theaters. This is a great entertainment complex resided around the Marina Bay Sands Casino, you can also book a hotel at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, enjoy shopping at The Shoppes, there is also an art exhibition, a museum and high-class restaurants. The arrival of the best casinos in Singapore has been vastly controversial since gambling was prohibited in the city-state back then. Over the years, the country has opened new opportunities to create casinos to help boost the tourism in Singapore. There will always be a method to try and control your gambling habit that will not turn into addiction.

It’s not a surprise anymore, given how definitely huge the Marina Bay Sands complex is and making them one of the most visited complexes in the world. The Marina Bay Sands complex has different areas to offer it visitors to wander.

Please see it below:

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The primary focus of this Marina Bay Sands complex is their very iconic “three pillars and a plank” building, making them one of the most stunning buildings in Singapore – both up close and from a far distance. The way the clouds reflect in the windows of the building is breathtaking. This hotel is built to service people from the Marina Bay Sands Casino or other guests where rooms start at 350 SGD.

Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands

A shopping mall which offers luxurious brands across the globe and is located directly in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel as it houses the performance theaters and cinemas, casino, and the largest ballroom in South East Asia which is the expo center. The shopping mall is operating from 11:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening.

The SkyPark at the Top of the hotel

This is the main attraction for every visitor in Singapore who aren’t staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel or visitors coming to play at the casino. It is 200 meter above the ground, and provides the remarkable panoramic views of Singapore. Price starts at 20 SGD.

The Art and Science Museum

 This museum is located in front of the Shoppes. One of the great innovative approaches is to showcase how art and science are perfectly composite with each other where its guests are impressively amazed with visiting exhibitions.

2. Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino

Do you want to try your luck at the casino while sailing on the seas? Isn’t it exciting and adventurous?

Well, Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino is the right one you’re looking for. It offers a full day and night of gambling fun, enjoying at Chinese buffet restaurants as well as relaxing to the ocean breeze where you can feel more relieved from stress. It helps you to worry less and forget everything while enjoying your trip.

At the casino, the casino has 40 live tables and hundreds of slot machines to play.  There is a minimum bet no more than 2 SGD, which you will find way lower than the other high profile land-based casinos in Singapore. Wait! Gambling is not just the only thing or a source of your entertaining trip but there are a lot of things to do excitement while you are sailing over this grand boat.

Other than that, you can independently choose whether to take a morning or evening trip or much better to stay for the night. The prices start from 25 SGD and 40 SGD. You can now enjoy a 45-minute ride to the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal before you will board at the royal Aegean Paradise cruise liner. Enjoy the luxurious stay at this cruise as it will be your perfect excuse to escape from the reality with less stress. Make sure you have enough money in your pocket if you are planning this adventurous type of trip.

Moreover, you can enjoy that trip, seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunsets without buildings that are blocking your view.

3. Crockfords Tower Casino – Resorts World Sentosa

Are you looking for an exclusive all-suite hotel in Singapore?

The Crockfords Tower at Resorts World Sentosa is well-known because of their wide variety of leisure hubs like spa, studio, mini mall, beauty center and a wide-ranging casino. This is located right below the hotel, one of the famous names in the list of the best casinos in Singapore. This casino offers great gambling experiences, in which they can choose from game selections like live tables and slot machines. From entertainment, food and everything you need to make you stay more meaningful and adventurous.

There will be a regular entry for every Singaporean and Singapore permanent residents with the amount of 150 SGD each time and 3,000 SGD for every year asper the new regulations from the Government. With these types of entry charges, they allow gamblers to visit only one casino in Singapore. BUT all of the foreign nationals are free of charge of this entry but they have to provide their valid IDs, passports or even their company IDs.

This tower offers more convenience to people in terms of necessities, services, fine dinings, luxurious rooms, and property features.

Luxury rooms

There are 105 luxury and air-conditioned rooms with amenities such as espresso makers, minibars, and free bottled water. You don’t have to worry because it is expected you to access free Wi-Fi and LCD TVs. In bathrooms, it offers designer toiletries and hair dryers inside. You can enjoy and feel the comfort of the memory foam beds with great beddings on it. Other than that, everything is safe and secured.


There are four on-site restaurants which you can choose the restaurant you prefer. Feng Shui Inn is one of the most popular Chinese cuisines here. For full breakfast, it offers a fee each morning from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Property features

 Crockfords Tower Casino – Resorts World Sentosa features a casino where gamblers can enjoy and satisfy their gambling habits, an outdoor pool where you can relax, and a 24/7 fitness center if you need to work out your body or for slimming. You can ask questions or raise your concerns from the Front-desk staff; they offer 24-hour assistance. Other amenities, free Wi-Fi in public areas and laundry facilities which is a good idea.


Gambling is fun, only if you gamble responsibly.

Visiting Singapore can be an expensive place but it is really worth spending for, considering that three of the best casinos in Singapore and in the world are featured there: Marina Bay Sands offer a one-a-kind and great experience. Aegean Paradise Cruise Casino offers a full day and night of gambling fun while sailing on the seas. Lastly, the Resorts World Sentosa offers an exclusive all-suite hotel to their guests with exceptional attractions and zones that will keep their guests entertained for a couple of days.

There are countries around the world that have been developing big casinos in order to get more tourists to come in. This is also good for the economy because it draws more recognition and investors as well. That is one of the main reasons why casino-tourism has been such a big thing since then.

All of them have mentioned above had excellent casinos that offer great gambling experiences to their guests. That being said, Singapore is one of the great places to satisfy your gambling habits and you will find and discover more beautiful attractions in the City. Other than that, you will gain more knowledge about their culture, traditions, food delicacies, and other things you need to learn more during your staycation.

If you are from the other country, make sure you study all the guidelines as well as the other restrictions from Singapore before booking your flight to another country. It is okay to educate yourself first before wandering to other countries like Singapore.

Lastly, you need to spend your money wisely because you are not going to Singapore just to gamble alone but also doing exciting things during your trip. You should know when and not to spend your cash for just betting. There are a lot things to do in Singapore when you get there.

Make this more memorable to you.