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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Everything You Need to Know More About Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands can be found in the beautiful country of Singapore. This integrated resort with hotel and casino was only completed way back in 2020 of June. Surprisingly, it has risen to become the most popular landmark which overtakes the old favourite landmarks like The Arts House and The Esplanade.

Located across the Marina Bay waterfront, it features three cascading hotel towers which are the sky park, crystal pavilions, and lotus-inspired Museum. They also have retail stores that feature leading-edge labels and luxury brands internationally. You can enjoy the food at Celebrity Chef restaurants, have fun at Theaters, feeding your nightlife habits at hottest night clubs and a casino. You will be surprised how big the conventions and exhibitions halls can host over 45,000 delegates.

However, most of the locals were doubtful of the idea of building Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This caused an outrage nationwide when it was officially announced their decision to set up the longest elevated swimming pool in the world, with 200 meters above the ground. There are numerous Singaporeans against the idea and blaming the building for the ill-timed disaster that caused floods and danger in the place.

Despite the odds, this integrated resort is one of the most recognized structures worldwide and a must-see destination in Asia which has contributed so many businesses and leisure tourism to the Country. No wonder why Singapore is considered the most remarkable city-states around the world.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most leading entertainment destinations not just in Asia but worldwide, with its vibrant diversity of beautiful attractions and great facilities. Its vision was to build a development that is very timeless which possesses a unique identity that determines Singapore from other big cities. It flawlessly combines both business and leisure into an exceptional destination contrasting to any other destinations around the world.

In this post, you will discover more about Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where you can also get a chance to explore the other remarkable landmarks and hidden gems in the Marina Bay area.

  • Layout and design of Marina Bay Sands

The casino-resort sprawls over 570,000 square meter, with 2,600 luxurious hotel rooms along the three 55-story towers, a retail mall with over 300 boutiques, and a convention facility that can cater around 45,000 people. There are fine-dining restaurants to choose from, casual eateries that cater 2,500 seats, indoor skating rink and a casino that holds 1,500 gaming machines and 600 table games. The resort includes the waterfront pavilions, with nightclubs and boutiques and the Art Science Museum.

This casino-resort was designed by Moshe Safdie, an Israeli-born Canadian architect. The sky park has over 12,400 square meter and weighs about 6.3 million kilograms, including the nightclubs, swimming pool, and the gardens. The Art Science Museum is inspired by a lotus flower.

  • Operations

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore started operations on the 27st of April 2020, with gradual opening. But it was opened officially on the same year, 23rd of June 2020. It was reported that they gained millions in revenue of 631 million SGD and 315 million SGD for pre-tax profit.

In the following quarter, the revenue has skyrocketed the amount of 560.4 million SGD and the pre-tax profit has increased to 390 million SGD. The Marina Bay Sands’ performances has reportedly one of the most profitable properties among the Las Vegas Sands group. It draws 19.6 million visitors and hosted over 2,000 meetings, exhibitions, and conventions during their first-year operation.

The Sky Park

The main attraction of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel lies in its three 55-storey towers, it looks like a high-budget science-fiction movie project which costs almost the same. The crown jewel here at the Marina Bay Sands is really the boat-shaped Sky Park. This 340-meter long deck connects the three towers at the top. For you to know, the entrance at the Sky Park is not free but if you want to watch the sunset and if this is your thing, you can pay the amount of 23 SGD for you to enter.  It was really worth it.

The Casino at Marina Bay Sands

The casino at the Marina Bay Sands sprawls over 15,000 sqm2, that features 1,600 slot gaming machines, 500 gaming tables, and 30 private gaming rooms in which players can enjoy the casino and could possibly win jackpot prizes. It offers a wide variety of game selection of the newest and popular electronic gaming machines in the world. Their collection of machines has featured over 250 themes and unique game titles to choose from.

Upon entering the main gaming floor, the guests can immediately see the luxurious and amazing chandelier, with over 130,000 Swarovski crystals weighing over 7 tons, making it the largest in the world. Of course, the casino also caters to those non-smoking people as well.

  • Responsible Gambling

Marina Bay Sands, Casino, offering a commitment to their patrons.

Aside from creating more unforgettable and great gambling experiences every day, ensuring that their guests and guests can enjoy more. That commitment that was mentioned earlier has extended to every surface of the resort, right down to the casino floor. Marina Bay Sands created a Responsible Gambling Program which assists people who are seeking help including the gambling behaviors, gambling myths and superstitions, and many more. They also train their staff on how to help patrons directly.

This program is ready to help to raise awareness on the effects that are connected with gambling behaviour issues and provide information for patrons. 

The Hotel Atrium

If you are not staying at the hotel, it doesn’t really mean that you have to miss out on this beautiful hotel atrium at Marina Bay Sands. Take a walk in the hotel atrium, where you can see the two sides of the building incline together above to form a glass structure, it is really unique and very luxurious. The role of the daylight that reflects the glass is such a mood, it gives a pretty sight that draws a lot of attention from people.

And for the pool, it is exclusively for the guests in the hotel.

The Rooftop Infinity Pool

If you want to have a spare time in the evening at this hotel, you can enjoy staying at infinity pool at night, costs from 500 SGD. It gives you more chills and a perfect to unwind, with a glass of wine. This infinity pool with three times more than the length of the standard Olympic swimming pool, is located at the Sky Park, it is known as the highest and longest in the world.

It is quite a luxury pool while you are enjoying looking out on the impressively beautiful of the Singapore cityscape. It is really instagrammable, a perfect site to shoot and a place to stay.

The Art Science Museum

There are a lot of people from different countries, especially for the Culture trip, who recommended checking out the first Art Science Museum in the world, which captures your eye with its design and structures are inspired by a lotus-shaped architecture. The Art Science Museum hosts major and international travelling exhibitions, displaying arts that are dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh and the other retrospectives of the famous industrial designers in the world.

Inside of the museum, there are a variety of themes of arts, sciences, media, designs and technologies, which make sure that there will be something relevant for everyone in the family.

The Mall and Restaurants 

At the Marina Bay Sands, you can enjoy the mall inside that has more classy shops and celebrity-chef restaurants. Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand shopping mall is the place where you can go and discover more international luxury brands like Dior, Prada, and Gucci, other premium goods.

You can also enjoy taking a sampan ride and amazed by the indoor canal turns through the length of the shopping mall. It gives Venice-vibes that are surrounded by the luxury shops. This is really breathtaking that every person has dreamed of. It was fun and exciting.

Also, restaurants here are also more expensive than your average restaurants that can be found in Singapore. Restaurant with big names like CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, and Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda that are all attached to the great fine-dining experience, the reason why people are tempted to treat themselves, same goes for you if you are visiting Marina Bay Sands.

Lastly, the entertainment. It is definitely a highlight at this integrated resort in Singapore. The theater at the Marina Bay Sands regularly presents international acts including the most famous musicals in the world like The Lion King and Wicked.

Is it worth visiting and staying at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

 Yes, it surely was worth every penny!

It has been 10 years since Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has opened its door and is still serving 5-star accommodations to its guests and visitors around the world, with high-class restaurants, shopping malls, casinos and entertainment, hotels and many more. It became the icon of the Singapore skyline.

The iconic and architectural phenomenon of the Marina Bay Sands which is similar to a giant ship that has a height of 656 ft. above three matching skyscrapers, is enough for you to convince why you must visit Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Also, there is an entertainment complex like casinos, theaters, malls, and the most popular tourist attractions like SuperTree Grove and Art Science Museum. These serve as your gateway travel experiences that will leave marks in your lifetime experience where you can totally enjoy and must live and capture every moment you have when you get there.

If you are not staying at the hotel, you can still see the beauty of the hotel atrium. However, you can’t also go to the infinite swimming pool located at the top of the building, because it’s for their exclusive guests who booked at the hotel.

If you can’t find the reason why you must visit Marina Bay Sands, consider cultural diversity which you can learn more about Singapore. In Singapore, they are known with their religiously and culturally diverse nations, making them different from other neighboring countries. It has four official languages: English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. Visitors from the other countries can enjoy discovering many different places of worship. They also celebrate the national holidays of many different religions. Isn’t it amazing?

Another reason for visiting Marina Bay Sands and other destinations in Singapore is their cleanliness. This country is one of the cleanest cities in the world. The country is free of unsightly litter and unpleasant smells. This is the biggest factor why a lot of tourists keep coming back to the country.

If you are a casino lover, visiting the casino at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is a perfect place for you to gamble. Aside from offering you luxurious amenities at the hotel and great life experiences in the resort, it gives you a great gambling experience. You can choose from a wide-variety selection of games where you can totally enjoy and could possibly win jackpot prizes at the same time. This is also one of the most visited gambling destinations in the world where you can meet different people around the globe.

That explains everything why you should visit Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and why it is worthy to spend your money to stay at the luxurious casino-hotel and resort. It gives you memorable and unforgettable experiences. Rooms can be pricey, risky to gamble at the casino but it is all worthy to spend every cash you have.

And if you cannot decide what to do when you are visiting Singapore, start with Marina Bay Sands. You can’t go wrong.

Lastly, it is really important to read online and to gather information from different resources in order to have an idea about what things you can do to entertain you while staying there for a short vacation, learning tips and guides, and for you to be guided as well.